OOLua  2.0.1
C++ and Lua binding
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oBuildingOOLua's source code can either be dropped into the path for a project , amalgamated to a single header and source file or compiled as a static library.
oUsageMost if not all of the code snippets shown in this document are working pieces of code taken directly from the unit test files, as such the code is always correct although it may at times not marry up to the text which surrounds it in this documentation. If you should see such a thing please report it on the issue tracker
|oFirst look
|oLua Types in OOLuaOOLua provides three types to help store and interact with Lua types, these are Lua_ref, Lua_function and Table
oLibrary TestsOOLua is a test driven library which uses two cross platform external libraries for test verification, CppUnit 1.12.1 [1] is used for state based verification and GoogleMock 1.6 [2] for behaviour verification. For anybody who is not fimilar with these libraries and would like to know more then I would recommed an IBM article [3] for CppUnit whilst for GoogleMock a recorded presentation by the author [4] additionaly the library cheat sheet [5]
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