OOLua  2.0.1
C++ and Lua binding
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oLibrary Configuration
|oFile GenerationLua module for generating configurable OOLua boilerplate code
|oFile amalgamationHeader and source file amalgamation
|oString ConfigurationEnables a string type to be treated as an integral
|oError ReportingDefines how any errors are reported
||\Exception classes
|oError CheckingDefines the type of checks which will be performed
|\Shared PointerEnable and configure library support for a shared pointer type
oKnown limitations
oDSLThe domain specific language(DSL) used for generating C++ bindings to Lua
|oExpressiveGenerates a proxy function where a user has expressed all the details
|oMinimalistGenerates code using only the minimal amount of information
|\ExportingExports member functions
oTraitsProvides direction and/or ownership information
|oParameter TraitsDSL Traits for function parameter types
|oFunction Return TraitsDSL traits for function return types
|\Stack TraitsPublic API traits which control a change of ownership
\TagsPossible members for OOLUA_TAGS which help express more information about a class which is to be proxied
 oOperator TagsInforms that a class has an operator exposed
 \Shared TagsTags to override the default behaviour the library was compiled with