OOLua  2.0.1
C++ and Lua binding
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Library Configuration


 File Generation
 Lua module for generating configurable OOLua boilerplate code.
 File amalgamation
 Header and source file amalgamation.
 String Configuration
 Enables a string type to be treated as an integral.
 Error Reporting
 Defines how any errors are reported.
 Error Checking
 Defines the type of checks which will be performed.
 Shared Pointer
 Enable and configure library support for a shared pointer type.

Detailed Description


OOLua is configurable in a number of ways. You may change library limits using the file generation module and then regenerate core library files. Edit the oolua_config.h file to adjust Error Checking, Error Reporting and enabling support for Shared Pointer. Additionally, you may adjust which, if any, type is treated as a string integral via String Configuration.