OOLua  2.0.1
C++ and Lua binding
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OOLua is cross platform, test driven, dependency free and Open Source library. It uses C++03 template meta-programming and pre-processor magic internally, which can be used to generate non intrusive proxies that provide a fast bridge for the interaction of C++ classes and functions with Lua.

The library provides multiple inheritance C++ classes without using C++'s RTTI, can be compiled either with or without exception support and is easily configurable. OOLua also provides a thin and simple abstraction layer for interfacing with the Lua stack and types in a type safe manner, whilst also supporting a means to bypass the type safety using the Lua light userdata type. The library can be use in a pick and mix fashion or in its entirety, whilst still using the Lua C API.

OOLua is developed by Liam Devine who has over ten years experience using the Lua programming language, having what he considers to be a deep understanding of both it and also C++.

This is not a fully original work and was originally based on ideas from binding classes using the famous Lunar and Lua Technical Note 5.

Lua compatibility

This version of the library is compatible with the following Lua implementations